No One Said It Was Easy!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

With the start of a new school year- the first 'real' school year in this house- kindergarten came the onslaught of germs. Which last week led to colds for my family. Parenting is a marathon in and of itself. Most defiantly not a sprint by any stretch of the imagination. Add in cold virus, three kids, and a mama and shake until disoriented and you pretty much have the week here.

The TV becomes much more of a staple- meals simpler- house chores get stuck on the cycle of 'when I have enough energy to cough I'll think about mopping the floor'- which in essence means my floors are in desperate need of attention..and they may actually get it tomorrow.

As I have talked about before getting medicine in my kids is not worth the fight so the MOST I do is honey for throats- unless there are issues that mandate the use of medicine- like breathing issues.

Anyway. Colds. and icky wet, cold fall weather made this week seem interminable. I found myself rejoicing for Wednesday- because I was half way done- by Friday I had thrown in the towel and just ordered food.

One way or another parenting when your kids are sick and more whiny/clingy/needy and when you are sick is hard. Because like the kids you are tired, uncomfortable, and crabby. The way I managed to keep most of my sanity this week is to try (key word TRY) and remember that they were looking to me, as mama, the one person who had the potential to make things not suck so much. 90% of the time I did okay... that other 10%??? Well therapy is covered by insurance right?? Seriously- I yelled and am not proud if it.

So since I am down to a cough that will likely linger until Spring- tomorrow I will start to excavate our house from the mess that we are currently buried under.


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