Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My house is loud. Always loud. My husband used to stop me when there was silence and encourage me to listen to the quiet. It was delightful.

As the kids have gotten older the noise has gotten louder. From chatterbox kids, to shrieking to just loud toys, and play... Sometimes I can tune it out. Sometimes it is like nails on a chalk board- most of the time it is like that. But if it is too quiet I get nervous.

The chatter gets me a lot. Stinky often starts: 'mama! mama! MAMA!' said then, yelled, then shrieked.... 'what dear...?' 'I see a leaf!' said with amazement. If I per chance do not respond fast enough he admonishes me: 'mama I need you to talk to me!' I like to talk- but sometimes I just want quiet.

Princess is a little different. She does not always require a response- but she is always singing, telling stories, talking- something. Admittedly I have asked her to quiet down- just because my head feels like it might fall off if I keep hearing chatter.


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