Monday, October 5, 2009

There are a lot of differing opinions on getting kids to sleep- it can be venomous- like staying at home vs. Working or Bottle feeding vs. Nursing.

I do not intend this to be divisive or angst inducing. Just my opinion and experience as a mom of three children who have very different personalities and sleep needs.

Princess has always been independent. But she has liked to snuggle when she slept. The first hundred or so pictures I have of her and B they were sleeping together- there are even a few of us snuggled up cozy. But she then decided she wanted to sleep on her own- how did we know? She put herself to bed in her own bed. Really I swear. She had a crib that she learned how to get out of at a very very early age- so we took that apart and put up her toddler bed-which she loved. Granted she would also get out of it and line up her shoes or take out her entire wardrobe. She liked her sleep- she still does- and she needs a lot of it. We were lulled into a sense of security that comes with an 'easy' baby. Now she is back to wanting to sleep with a companion. She and Stinky end up sharing a bed more often than not.

Stinky was and is vastly different. From birth he has loved to be warm and cozy. Ideally snuggled right up next to me. He and the crib did not fair well together. He also does not need nearly the amount of sleep Princess does. He is a bit more difficult to get to sleep- stay asleep etc.

And Peas....'le sigh'... wow. She has always had her own opinion and known it- and expressed it loudly. She does not sleep without snuggles. She does not willingly sleep alone. She did not like a bassinet, a crib, any of it. Mama is a body pillow- and hers.

Here is where things get hairy- I would really like a full nights sleep. Ideally without being a body pillow. But *I* (and this applies only to me) do not do "cry it out" well. I feel that I am mama and when they need me I should oblige- that when they go to sleep part of them 'gives up' and believes that no one is coming- and that makes me sad. But it seems that the only way to get some good sleep is to at least consider 'cry it out'.

My end belief is that parents should do what works for their family. My approach may not work for anyone else and that is fine. Someone else's approach may not work for me and that is fine.


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