Now Who Is The Looney Toon???

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is delayed by about a week- but I have not written it...

Remember when I took five kids blueberry picking in the rain?? Well I got a few emails about the sense of adventure that I apparently have. haha I am in the minor leauges compared to one of my friends.

She decided to take one of her children on an impromptu road trip to Traverse City Michigan from Chicago- so a significant drive. Oh yeah- she did this alone (which coming from me who hesitates to go outside of my 'box' alone is intimidating). She left at 1 am with her girl in tow. A) at one am I am not coherent- at all- let alone safe to operate a car. B) wow.

So off she went. She had a GPS so in theory she should be good right? That is the interesting about theories- sometimes they are wrong. The highway turned into a four lane road- which turned into a smaller road...all well right?? Well a highway has to end somewhere.... and the GPS was indicating she was on the right track. Well it was wrong. The smaller road turned into a gravel road- which turned into a dirt (mud) road all the while the GPS encouraging her-until she got stuck- in the mud- before dawn- with a four year old- alone. FANTASTIC!

She decided to call for help on her cell- which at best had spotty service- after being told that the cell tower that picked up her distress call was in a different county from her location based on her latitude and longitude and they could not help her- and her laying the mama smack down- she was transferred the appropriate county. Who then helped her find a tow service. She being the ingenious woman she is decided to try and put branches under the car tires for traction- and ended up cutting herself (seriously I never would have thought to do that- the branches not the slicing and dicing). Then she described in detail how she got were she was and attempted to give her approximate location. She gave him her coordinates so he could find her- great- if he had a GPS. So he attempted to follow her direction to rescue her. While searching he also found five others who had gotten lost in the convolution of Michigan roadways (which says something about the navigability of them). Eventually, he had her honking her horn to see if he could hear her and zero in on her that way. Oh so high tech- but he found her and rescued her- my friend the damsel in distress. The part that amazes me is she kept her cool and then continued on her journey and had a great time- to me it would have been unsalvageable at that point.

So now who is the one with the sense of adventure??


Diane said...

This makes me feel good about the fact that I still use maps. (Paper ones).

Imperfect Mama said...

Only me. LOL. And this reminds me I need to get back to blogging so I have someone else to laugh at me! Haha!

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