In pre kid days

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wow- I had a lot of opinions about people. I still have opinions but I like to think I am a bit more open minded about at least some of them.

For example Drive-Thrus. How much energy/time could it take to park the car and walk the 15 feet into the store to get food/meds/well anything? If you are on your own as a reasonable functional adult with no impediments-I still hold this opinion when you add kids however something that an adult could do in 5 minutes may take upwards of 45 minutes. Especially if the children are not in the mood to be strapped into carseats- then to buckle, unbuckle, exit the car, accomplish errand, then re buckle is enough to send me running for Xanax. Then you add more than one child- then mobility- and a parking lot- and the actual store- and you have a frazzled mama waiting to lose her patience.

So I have learned through necessity about the various establishments that have available drive thru's in my area. If there is no drive thru or no other adult to look after kids while I go in solo- I usually try and delay- delay- delay.... so because of that some of my favorite establishments are not receiving my business. Subway for one- how I love the Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki- but no drive thru and alas- my craving is not that strong to make me face the trials of three kids on the loose for a sandwich. Or my beloved Panera Bread. Yum. Again no drive thru. This is a tragedy.

Now if Trader Joe's would have a drive thru to pick up one or two things (so I do not have to spend an hour looking for the heaven forsaken monkey- or getting my feet rammed into) I would be thrilled.

If you are looking to open a business and market toward harried moms..... offer a)childcare or b) a drive thru.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so right. Even now I debate whether it's worth it to take my kids into a grocery store because, even though they are remarkably helpful, they still ask for everything they see. I value my time alone so I'm not having to battle every flavor of Pop Tart and sugary juice.

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