How the heck???

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do you do photo editing? I downloaded an open source application to try my hand at some basic editing. I have ended up more confused than ever- and overwhelmed.

There are a ton of things to mess with and I do not know what half of them mean- then when I try something I have no clue how to do it or improve or any of it. It is so frustrating! I just want to make my pictures prettier- Specifically some of B an my wedding pictures. I would love to get a few framed and hang them around the house but they need some help. Ok well lots of help.

Any tips any tricks or anyone want to do it for me?


JudyGS said...

What do you want done? I have the newest version of Photoshop and I suppose that I could do it for you. But I must warn you that I mostly use Photoshop to play with screen shots; not too much with photos. But I could try.

Imperfect Mama said...

Next time I'm over, remind me and I'll show you. :)

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