Nurturing Touch

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is pretty easy as a mama to nurture your least for me. It come almost as naturally as breathing. Hugging, cuddling, snuggles are a part of out lives. As my children were preemies I learned some very basic infant massage techniques that have carried over into their childhoods. They are tactile beings- they love the contact the connection it brings. I by nature am also tactile- but selectively so- I like to be touched on MY terms- and only by people I want to.

I have no problem nurturing my children using touch. But sometimes us mama's need to be touched too- and not by husbands or boyfriends who want something else from it- by someone who uses touch to heal, to restore, to give some back to you so you do not run out of emotional energy. For me this is where massages come in. They are great for relieving stored tension- I store all of mine in my neck/shoulders/and upper back- and it sure does feel great to have that released. However there is more too it than that. Feeling someone take care of you and nurture you is wonderful and restorative.

Recently, I had a massage with one of my good friends, Heather Maynard with Massage Therapy for Women and Families (admittedly I was nervous because well she is my friend and exposing myself to her I was afraid would be awkward- this anxiety was COMPLETELY unfounded). And it was fantastic. She is gifted with a calm and spirit and the ability to convey caring and healing through her hands. Her space is peaceful and calming- the table is really really comfy too! If my bed was so comfy I may never get out! When my time was up I wanted more- but I felt refreshed- relaxed and oddly energized. I had more to give to my family as a result of taking time for myself.
Which I suppose is the overall lesson I garnered from this: if I take care of my needs- I can take care of my children's needs that much more effectively.


Heather said...

Aww, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the massage. Come back anytime and I'll work on those shoulders some more. :)

Thanks for being a great friend.

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