Fun things I have said in public as a mom

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Photo credit to Jenni at Lions Roar Media

At one point in my life I would try and maintain polite conversation and basically good manners. That ended when I became a mom- well actually when my kids were old enough to say/do/things that may not (ok are definitely) not appropriate in polite society- or even impolite society- but they are said like it is nothing unusual- partly because it is nothing unusual.

One such thing is 'please leave your penis alone'. Stinky- like a lot of boys (and men) has a strange, and what I would consider to be bizarre fascination with his penis, he holds his parts through his pants more often than not. After asking repeatedly if he needs to go potty and being issued a stern denial each time I just ask him to leave his penis alone. That has gotten a few interesting stares from people in the market.

This summer Stinky was new at the potty learning thing so the 'place' to go was occasionally an issue. One such time was at a spray park- when he dropped his pants and peed into the fountains. I looked up and there was his little naked bottom and a stream that delighted him and made me want to pretend I never knew him. So again we had the discussion of good choices of places to go to the bathroom.

Another is "please leave my pants alone". For some reason my children hang on me- I am a mama- a jungle-gym, a maid etc...but especially when standing in line places the kids treat me like like a human stripper pole and go around and around my legs- occasionally putting my pants in jeopardy.

An additional comment to boundaries especially as they pertain to my body is - 'Those are mama's nummis (breasts) please do not touch me there' It is like having a teenage boy around me all the time.

There are lots more of these interesting comments- Princess is improving though. She one time pointed out a person who she did not feel was attractive. And said "look mama she is really ugly!!!" rather loudly. When I tried to remind her that some things could make other people sad if they heard them she defended her comment in a very very interesting way- she was shocked- she commented then "but she is really ugly mama!' (sigh).

Of course there have been a questions that may be inappropriate relative to people with special needs or other medical issues. That I try and be as honest as I can about.


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