Fall Fun

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My family like so many others has been tested during this troubled economic time. Our trials have not been as dramatic or as crushing as others and for that I am very grateful- though I recognize it could turn that way in a heartbeat.

But it has challenged me to become more frugal about entertainment and such especially as the Great Lakes winter makes itself known. I am not an obscenely frivolous spender generally but I have had to cut back- which has not always been easy.

Today was a prime example- it was the first 'cool' day in Chicago- it actually snowed in the area. So what did we do? We went to the park. Which granted is new and right around the corner but we played there for an hour or so until we got chilly and came home to re-warm. This is not to say that we do not typically go to parks or anything but more to re-acquaint ourselves with the community in which we live. Our community does have pretty great parks too- which certainly helps matters. Anyway- the point is-

We did not need to spend a dime to play and laugh and get all tired. We played tag and played the swings and in general just well played. Sometimes it is all too easy to get things lost in the chaos of life. Sometimes it is far to easy to forget the squeals of laughter from 'underdogs' on the swings or the zip of a fast slide. Today I was reminded and today I will cherish.


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