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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Since we have all been under the weather TV has been a bit more of a crutch of late than I would care to typically admit. But I have noticed somethings- or maybe it is my illness addled brain playing tricks on me.

There is a lot of relationship tension in some PBS shows. One such example is Bob The Builder. Wendy- Bob's assistant and Bob certainly have some underlying tensions that may not be suited for children's programing. Seriously! The way she says 'OH, Bob!' and sighs with a note of longing in her tone.... I suppose though it would be very odd if they were to get together. I mean neither of them seem to have had any relationships and first time relationships rarely work out- so then what? Wendy quits in a huff of a woman scorned?? A bit heavy for PBS.

Also Professor Wiseman and the Man With the Yellow Hat on George...what is going on there? He has her for her favorite birthday dinner and buys her gifts that he knows are what she likes (which come to think of it is more than I typically got from my husband). So what- The Man With the Yellow Hat has no career to speak of seemingly- aside from helping out here and there and aiding in scientific research and taking care of his monkey (wait, aside from the research story line this is beginning to sound and awful lot like a "Friends" plot) maybe if he got a job she would be more amenable to a relationship with him. Again subtext--- sometimes is where the story really is. Or maybe I need more romance in my life and I am over analyzing children's cartoons.


Heather said...

ha ha! I've totally wondered about both of those relationships too. Some pbs writers are working through some relationship issues...

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