A big weekend!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have been absent here for a few days! We have been SUPER busy!

Saturday Princess had her first sleep over. Yes you heard that right her first sleep over. She had her friend and her friends little sister spend the night. Which made a total of FIVE children in my house. Five is a lot of kids. And I was apprehensive (terrified). In the end it was super though. The girls were fantastic. Dress ups abound and they had such a fun time together. I very rarely had to do anything- aside from making sure they ate- and changing little sister's pants. So it worked really well.

On Saturday afternoon my nephew was playing a hockey game close by and we were invited to watch him play. Which was a super treat because the kids had not been to a sporting event like that before- and this actually was hockey- with less violence. My nephew can skate really well! I was proud of him and really impressed. Add that to the shock that I experienced when I learned there were girls on the team- including the goalie. They were great. The best part? My nephew's team won! Their first win of the year and we got to be there!

They went to sleep really well too- on the pull out down stairs. It was so nice to see them play and sleep so peacefully together.

In the morning everyone was up bright and bushy tailed- and I admit I cheated we had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast- not healthy but it was a hit!

The day followed up by going to the firehouse for open house and the kids being awed by the firefighters 'rescuing' and putting out a fire. They had a great time.


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