I am awake darn it!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why do cats get hair balls at three am? Is there some kind of alarm that goes off that tells them to start gagging- typically on your bed at that point? What is it about that noise that makes it shoot up my body and force me into action- usually getting up and moving her off the bed on to the floor.

I would not mind so much but once I am awake I have an awful time falling back asleep- so after I hear the wretching noise and remove the cat from the bed I am stuck laying in bed reminding myself to turn on the lamp before getting out of bed.

A somewhat logical solution would be to keep the cat out of the bedroom at night. She however does not like closed doors. She will scratch at them and make these throaty meows that sound like someone is pretending she is a squeaky toy who's squeaker is malfunctioning. Either way she will make darn sure I am up at least once at night.


Anonymous said...

I had a dog with a delicate tummy who used to throw up at least once a day. Usually at 5 am. In my bed. I became so attuned to her preparatory noises of "hephephep" that I could bolt out of bed, grab her and run to the bathroom, where I'd open the toilet and proper up her paws on the edge. Usually she'd cooperatively vomit into the bowl, unless I'd frightened her so much with my thrashing that she'd run away and throw up on the carpet, in the corner.

It was darn good training for parenting.

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

I had a cat like that-i tried to keep her a few floors below us, locked up so if she was scratching we couldn't hear. sometimes it worked sometimes not.

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