Curve Balls

Friday, March 19, 2010

Life likes to throw them at me. A lot.

I am tired of them. I could use a nice slow one, dead center, that I could easily knock out of the park. My life is never so simple.

What has happened now? I had a visit with a hematologist/oncologist today. Any oncology visit is is unnerving.

But since my eye issues were caused by a clot and I had some blood tests that were way outside of normal a hem/onc visit was in order. Yay.

A lot of issues in my life are making more sense because of what has been revealed because of all of this. Why all of my babies were preemie, why had so many miscarriages, and why my eye is all screwed up. It could have been a lot lot lot worse. Like dead worse. So I'll take it. While my current issues (hyper-coagulation and migraine with aura) but me at a significantly higher risk of stroke or DVT it can be managed. I did not find out about these issues because I had a stroke and can't walk or talk or think; I found out because my kids broke my glasses. Which is a blessing.

I can be on the look out for signs of things more serious that I may have brushed off before- I have more of a reason than ever to be active (as that reduces that likelihood of clots)- I can have a glass of wine and not feel bad- also reduces blood clot risks.

So here I am. I have medical issues- but I also have a great support system and help to manage them. I will go on with my life- living it and loving it. I will continue to be thankful that I found out about these things this way instead of someway much more tragic.


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