Meet My Rabid Baby

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pixie has started teething or chewing on things (depending on your opinion)... She is in the, "give me your hand let me gnaw on your knuckle for a while" stage. Which is kind of funny, given she is not entirely confident in how her hands operate yet.

If you know me you know I wear my babies- a lot. One particular day I had Pixie in a ring sling and she was striving so hard to get her gums on the rings. They are hard- they are cold and they are smooth- what teething (or chewing) baby would not love them to excess? In her desperation to gobble up these rings she was kind of drooling (which looked like foam) and making guttural grunting growling sounds. Which leads me to the title of this post.

She looked and sounded like a rabid baby- but very very cute.


Sarah H said...

So fun to see a picture of her!

Megan said...

Yeah, nice to finally "meet" her!

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