She must have looked at the calender

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because Peas is no longer the smiley, happy, little girl she is a two year old: G-d's answer for birth control.

This is not to say I do not still love my girl- just that she is frustrating and loud sometimes frustratingly loud.

Two years old is a tough age for everyone. The child as a burgeoning sense of independence and a a desire for autonomy but is yet unable to do all of the things she would like to do- this leads to intense frustration. The parent is also frustrated (and often aggravated) because the little one who last week was content to do what is asked now runs the other direction screaming loudly. In between bids for independence Peas has intense holding and touching needs. She needs to reconnect with me- her home base- where she can feel safe and loved. Sometimes these needs for connection come at very inconvenient times; she however does not see it that way.

Life with a two year old Peas has been hysterical, tragic, frustrating, but I could not imagine my life or my family with out her.

Her sense of humor is developing and getting more sophisticated (in two year old world). She wants to learn about EVERYTHING. She wants to test EVERY LIMIT.
If we are walking and there is a puddle- she will splash in it complete with high pitched shrieks of joy. She likes to do thing 'masewlf' and 'NOOOOOOO' is a common word.

Peas wants to run with the big kids but have me there just in case she gets intimidated or her feelings get hurt. She gets so aggravated when she cannot do what the others are doing- but she does try with a passion.


JudyGS said...

The puddle thing doesn't end -- Josh still does it and he's four! Noah has been known to puddle-stomp also, and he's six. Let's hope that's a boy thing.

Emy was four years younger than Julia and six years younger than Dan. It was tough on her. Peas at least is close in age to your older kids; she will grow into playing with them.

Megan said...

I have a two year old son. He is talking like a champ, so he can get his point across. But the "Mommy, I wanna hold you!" Always starts as soon as I am trying to nurse the baby or cook a meal! so funny how twos do play themselves out sometimes, but man, is he cute! Very hard to turn him down when he wants to 'hold' me!

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

I have found age 2-3 to be the hardest age yet-mostly because they LOOK like they should get things and understand and be able to do things but mentally and physcially they cannot. So when you tell your 2 year old 12x a day, "do not rip books" and the second you turn your back she does, it is infuriating because she looks like she should understand but simply does not. On the flip side, I have found age 3-4 to be the best age ever! Mine is turning 4 in a just a few weeks and I am hoping 4-5 continues to be just as enjoyable.

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