My aching mouth

Friday, March 12, 2010

Those dentist chairs are surprisingly comfy. I have gotten to spend a bit of time in them the past week. Yesterday, I darn near fell asleep in one.

Last autumn I broke a crown- I had to have it temporarily repaired- then Monday I went to the dentist to get the new permanent one made and and a new temporary as well as a cleaning and general mouth hygiene overhaul.

The dentist we go to is 2 hours away. I know there are several dentists with in walking distance of our home but our dentist is fantastic. So we try and schedule as much for the one day as we can. This time it was the entire afternoon. Princess was fantastic- she takes her oral health very seriously. The kid flosses like 4 times a day.

Stinky- well- he is not quite so diligent but he is young yet- he does love the tooth brushing.

Peas just took a ride in the chair and would not let anyone peer into her mouth. Which is apparently painful as she is getting more teeth (I am beginning to think she is part shark with the amount of teething she has done).

The first appointment was fine. We got home went to bed my mouth was sore. Got through the next day- and I swallowed my temporary crown overnight. whoops.

It was quiet around here until I got back to the dentist yesterday to get a new temporary. Thankfully I got a new temporary and can now get back to parenting the kids.


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