Dreams... Nightmares... and other night-time fun

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last night I never actually got into bed. I was exhausted I sat down to catch up on emails and the next thing I knew Pixie was telling me her tank was on 'E' and she needed a fill up.

After feeding her she and I fell asleep together in the chair her snuggled on my chest. I woke up when she was dreaming... She was smiling and making sweet baby noises in her sleep, kicking her feet and doing other amazingly cute baby things.

I could not stand to wake her. She was so adorable. So I held her and watched her...listened to her voice and smelled her sweet baby smell.

Soon enough I fell asleep too; instead of having a sweet dream I had a very unsettling nightmare. I woke up sweaty and unsettled. So much of it was so real and it was about one of my worst fears. Seeing it in such a realistic way did nothing to allay that fear- it just made it worse.

It is supposed to be such a beautiful day. I hope I can shake off the dream and enjoy it.


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