Lonely Fish

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I tried. Poor fish or maybe he likes it that way.

We (all four kids and I) went on an excursion to the dog food store as we had run of dog food and the dogs were beginning to look at the cats....so off we went.

In an effort to encourage good behavior from the kids I took them to look at fish and of course got suckered into buying a few. They were on sale.. so I figured what the heck.

One was a Bala Shark- it lived all of a day. Stinky found he deceased scaly friend at the bottom of the tank and cried. Heartily. We said a prayer for him and thanked G-d for bringing him into our lives for a day. Later that evening we returned the dead Bala to the store for a new one- who also died- he has not been found by Stinky yet.

We also got four red fish with black tails. They lasted a bit longer- three have died leaving one alive.

I am about ready to give up on all fish except the feeder fish that are all of a dime yet seem to survive hostile environments pretty well. Uncle Joe has survived despite unbelievable odds to the contrary. He is happily swimming in his tank now--- just enjoying the diver and the bubbles.

Maybe he is just a loner.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Perhaps 2 dogs (or is it 3?), four children and doing it all "somewhat single handedly" is enough and the fish can stay at the pet store for another family to take home. This is your sign. You are officially too ambitious and doing too much! :)

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