Lap Dancing Now??

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tease was offering a one time lap dancing class. Thinking, "what the heck I am already pole dancing," I pretty much forced my friend into going with me to this thing. Seriously, she did not have a choice.

30 women in a room, with wine, scantily clad, learning a sexy dance that involves tying up the lap dancee, grinding, removing clothes, and opening a candy shop- a man's dream right?

There is no way to describe it. The group was quite diverse- some Tease students and some friends or sisters of Tease ladies..twenties to forties...thin, athletic, full figured- and they all were amazingly hot and sexy- learning to find their own sexiness and work that, not trying to be someone they are not.

We all cheered each other on- yelling for each other complimenting each other even the shiest girl got into it. We all started with a bit of hesitation and became bolder as we received encouragement from the other ladies. It was fantastic. So empowering.

Our instructor Care was so funny and an amazing dancer. She claims that she is klutzy like me but I am not sure I believe her. She explained the steps so that everyone could get it. Hip figure eights be came ice cream sundaes the rocking cat became a new way of cleaning the floor. She cheered us on and made the dance look so easy and effortless yet sexy.

A woman in the class phrased it very well it is about your attitude. The class boosted my confidence again. Finding a place that makes you feel safe and sexy and improves your self image is a gift.


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