Dental Drama

Friday, March 26, 2010

I have had four wisdom teeth removed, six crowns, and one broken tooth (thanks E), but never in all of my life have I had cavities- until now. I have 2 or 3- I don't remember- I am too traumatized to remember.

Last week when I got my permanent crown put on I had two filled. Compared to the crown stuff cavity filling is supposed to be a breeze. I disagree- strenuously.

First this thing went on the back of my tooth that looked like a medieval torture device- it did not hurt to quote the dentist, "it hugs my tooth" more scary than anything. Then this plastic rubbery thing went on somehow to "keep my tooth dry" or terrify me- which ever. I was hyperventilating and all tensed- even on a full milligram of Xanax.

Next, the topical to numb me a little to dull the injection of Novocaine. It tasted awful, not that it was designed for dining pleasure but yuck! It also did not do much in my opinion to dull anything. A needle in your mouth is a needle in your mouth. It pinches. It is not pleasant. Worst of all is I do not numb well. It takes a lot to numb me and it does not last long.

After waiting for numbing to kick in the drilling started. That high pitched whine will haunt me in my sleep. To see bits of tooth flying up over the blue rubber thing clamped in your mouth with the medieval torture device so closing up is not even an option, is well yuck.

I had no idea that there were two types of drills used. The high pitched one that sends chills up my spine and the lower pitched one that vibrates more- I preferred that one. I am told that I am totally insane for preferring that one- but it bothered me less. Despite the Novocaine- I still felt it. It was undoubtedly not as intense as it would have been but the sensation was totally odd- something that I can not put words to.

The filling part was not so bad. By that time though, I had tears welling, not entirely because of pain- but fear. I totally understand that this is not a reflection of poor dentistry but a reflection of my high-strung nature. My dentist was very calm and very reassuring..comforting even. I have no complaints about him.
My reaction was just kind of comical.

So I had my teeth filled. It has renewed my dedication to dental hygiene.


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