Monday, March 15, 2010

How come I can think of all sorts of things I would love to write about when doing the laundry, running around, walking the dogs {insert random household chore here} but when I sit down to actually write I am filled with a sense of, "ummmmmm what did I want to say???" to that end why is it that on the off chance I can remember what I wanted to say I cannot recall WHAT I wanted to say about it- or it does not sound nearly as good as I thought it did.

In an effort to stop that feeling I made a word document entitled "topics", I was really thinking wasn't I? well it is great if I happen to be sitting at my computer- then well why should I not just open up a browser window and write it- see the issue? Well then if I physically write things down then I have to a) have something to write with and on b) be able to read it later c) be able to find it later any or all of which can be an issue.

So what am I to do???


Polka Photos said...

You can start with a photo :) (Or how about getting a voice recorder that you can keep in your pocket?)

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