Their Skin Is Painfully Soft.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I have been sick- well we all have been sick- I am digging us slowly out of the mass of laundry and 7-up bottles around the house; I wanted to post this a few days ago when we were in the thick of it but never got around to it. I was to afraid to vomit on the computer.

When they get sick my children are extra snuggly- you may find yourself saying, "how can they get more snuggly" especially if you know them- they are very tactile people- but they are.

I found myself rubbing tummies and backs- stroking cheeks and hair almost every minute of the day. Touch- affectionate touch- is nurturing, reassuring, calming, healing. As I sat in bed with Stinky and ran my hands around his face sofly- gently- "shh-ing him" back to sleep I noticed how smooth and soft his skin was. When does that perfect baby skin change?

Later in the evening Peas called me. I snuggled next to her- she curled herself around me like a hat twisted my hair around her fingers and placed my hand on her tummy- as a 'subtle' hint to rub. I did. Again I was struck at how amazingly soft her skin is. It is perfect it is untouched, unmessed with.

Just they way they are. Princess's skin is just as smooth now glowing with happiness and joy- I wish I could keep them that way- unmessed with, perfect innocence. I wish I could always be able to calm them and soothe them with a touch, a caress, or soft 'shh-ing'.


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