Our paths split then, oddly, met up again

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I had a friend in grade school who I rode horses with. We lived in the same town and had a lot of the same interests- mainly horses. She moved to a suburb about an hour away a few years into our friendship. As a lot of childhood friends- we lost touch.

Enter a social networking site. I searched for people from my past- and she was one of my first because, well, I could spell her name. She popped up. She had changed a lot she was not the gangly 13 year old girl with whom I hung out at the stable. She was hot (I say this in a total straight way). In a way she was doing what I could picture her doing. She was always great at fashion/hair/make up stuff- she had an amazing ability to create a 'look' that matched how you felt inside.

Recently she took a giant step. She opened her own salon. I was thrilled for her. She is so talented and a place of her own in which she could do what she felt appropriate is just perfect for her.

I met up with her yesterday to get my hair cut from my mom mop into something else- anything else.

To be honest I was afraid I would not know her anymore- she looked so glamorous- and I look so momish. Of course it was not helped by a sleepless night before so I looked a little like hell. I met her and despite her amazing photos- she is just the same. An amazing sweet woman who has a passion for making other women feel good about themselves.

Our paths split in middle school and we took very different ways on our journeys through life- mine with kids and a house and trappings that are so typical so boring and her journey that has led her through the worlds of fashion and style; we had some odd similarities, we had on almost identical boots- yes really- and we had nose rings. It was so odd.

She cut and colored my hair with the request to please make me not look so suburban mom-ish. She did it. Fantastically.

I can't wait to hear more about her life and her. I am so proud of her.

If you need a hair cut/color or style advice give her a call at studio62- you will be really happy you did.


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