You have some big paws to fill

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How long is normal to grieve for a dog? I have grieved for Ali longer than I have for most people. I still miss her every day. I miss her delicate nature and amazing coloring. She was a beautiful girl. She loved the kids- they were her babies. She comforted them she played with them she loved them. Everyday I think about her and her springy tail. Maybe I am transferring grief from one loss to the next??

When Aurora came into out lives I did not expect to replace Ali because no one could ever replace her. Aurora is a totally different dog. Much more vocal- just as smart- not nearly so dainty and delicate. But I find myself missing her. Thinking how would Ali react. She was an amazing dog who gave us some great memories. Sledding at my parents is one of the best. Looking into her blue eyes- she had spirit and spunk and was an amazing dog.

Aurora you are a puppy- we love you. Our hearts have grown to love you include you- you are now a part of our family. Thank you for helping us to heal. Thank you for being a puppy with personality all your own. Thank you. We love you


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