Barking dogs

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

seeing as it is 11:35 Chicago time now and I am home with the kids sans a big strong man to protect me and my dogs just started barking like wild animals. I thought I would post- I mean what better time right??

I know I live in a reasonably safe community with good neighbors and two dogs on an interior lot (I believe that the likely hood of property crime is less on an interior lot- I have no idea if this is supported by statistics- but if it is not please let me live in my fantasy world.); but when the dogs start barking for no discernible reason I get a wee bit nervous- ok a lot of bits nervous- because what would I do? Through dirty diapers on an intruder??

Just makes me nervous that is all and I am already high strung (a teensy teensy bit).


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