Woman, Lady, Girl.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What do you refer to yourself as (assuming of course, you are female)?

Woman seems a little 'grown-up' kid playing in mama's make up bag to me. I am old enough to vote, to drink, to even rent a car yet the 'woman' label seems to not fit.

When does a girl transition to being woman? At menarche? High school graduation? College? Menarche seems off because people I know have begun that before they are 10 years old.. at least when I was 10 I was still decidedly a child.

When someone refers to me as being a woman it makes me embarrassed and blush a little- why? no idea.

Girl also seems somewhat off as I have children but that is my default. I am a girl. Unpretentious. Just there- which is what I am. Truth be told you're more likely to find me rolling down a hill with my kids or racing them to the end of the block than you are to find me being a grown up.

Just another thing that I have been pondering.


Sarah H said...

I like your new blog look! The pictures of your kids are adorable.
I know what you mean about what to call yourself. I guess I do think of myself as a woman, but it is weird to call myself or my friends that.
One thing I love about being a doula is seeing how strong women are when they give birth. You certainly fall into that category!

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