No Pictures Please!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Sunday (also Valentines Day) we had a party to celebrate Peas turning 2. LOTS of people. LOTS of food: 70 cupcakes, one sheet cake of ice cream cake, cookies, italian beef, pasta, veggies, salad...blah blah get the picture lots of people came to celebrate Peas- or what I term celebrating the fact that she is still alive! She has not been lost!

One of our friends also delivered the gifts for the kids from Christmas. Princess and Stinky got video cameras. To the friend who did this who shall remain nameless- thanks- a lot (if there was a sarcasm font- that would be in it. Now I feel the need- much like celebrities to do everything in an outfit and full make up- no more lounge wear here! So I suppose the cosmetics companies would also like to thank you for their increased revenue. I suppose also the local psychologists would also like to thank you because inevitably they will record something that will damage their delicate psyche. Another issue. Youtube. Heaven forbid they figure that out. Because I want everyone to see me lose my patience with the kids when they choose not to listen.

So in the words of a movie star- "No pictures, please"


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