Shaken, stirred, and nicley chilled.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold weather, a foot(ish) of snow, blustery wind, and an earthquake?? Where do we live again?? Suburban Chicago right? yes you read that right at 4 am this morning the Earth decided to play a game- by shaking us out of bed. My older children apparently inherited their sleeping from their father; Peas however was startled and were the dogs. Aurora howled and warned us all of impeding doom and Charlie sweet boy that he is stood on guard but obviously very scared growling his big boy growl at the invisible threat.

Aside from needing to be snuggled we were all fine. Our house is also perfectly ok. However, I am concerned- this is the second earthquake I have felt in Illinois in two years- when previously- I can recall none.

Also our homeowners insurance does not cover earthquake losses nor does it write riders to cover such losses...
oh goodness


Farrah said...

I didn't feel it, and I was even sleeping on the floor on the boys' room 'cuz L was in my bed with hubby. Love the new look and layout!! Who designed it for you? It is super cute!

Heather said...

Nice look for the blog!

Yeah, we all totally woke up. Justin said something must've fallen on the house and I said, nope that was an earthquake! We are pretty near or on a major fault right?

Just Me said...

yes the new madrid fault line is in Southern IL

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