I know you're a new mom and all

Sunday, February 7, 2010

but take a deep breath and relax.

I take part in an online chat board that is comprised of women primarily mostly in the same general age group. Which is great because we all have somethings in common. But it is also really funny at times.

There are some women on the board who have recently been blessed with their first children- a very exciting, stressful, and emotional time- I get it. I have been a mother now for closing in on six years (where has the time gone!). I also have several children- so my time to worry about the minutia of childcare is less than it would be if I only had one; however, I have had the opportunity to learn that things you are CONVINCED are a crisis when it is your first baby by the third one you hardly even notice. Now- I know I was a little hyper about things when Princess was little but I do not think I was nearly as obsessive about things as some women on this board.

A few things for new parents:
* babies cry. It is okay. Hold them love them.
* your two week old cannot tell time- she doesn't know that 'it is time to do xyz' no sense forcing a schedule.
* nursing is natural- but it is not always easy. Both of you have to figure it out have patience with yourself and your baby
* you cannot spoil a newborn. When they cry they are communicating with you.
* gas does not necessitate a trip to urgent care- promise
* you do not need to be a helicopter parent- kids are smart- let them be smart
* trust your instincts- you have them
* when your baby smiles at you- you fall in a whole different kind of love
* babies and kids are resilient they are pretty hard to screw up forever

I have a lot more that I will add in subsequent posts- but for the most part- new parents- calm down. It will be okay. Babies and kids have been around for along time- long before Clorox Anywhere Spray- long before Baby Einstein, long before swings, and toys that even I can't figure out- so far we have done okay.


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