Poor Kitty

Thursday, February 11, 2010

As I have mentioned before I have 2 cats an all black one and a calico one. I have also talked about the black on pulling out her fur. Well on her back half she is running out of fur to pull out- and I am at a loss. She is obviously very stressed and anxious but I can't seem to figure out how to help her.

I wish I was not frustrated with her but- cleaning up hairballs on my comforter three times a week is getting really old.

How do I help her? I have read things about spending more time with them just petting them but- well that is not always that practical. Ideas?

(not to be cruel but she is pretty funny looking)


Mary said...

poor kitty. Have you checked to see if she has an infection? Or maybe needs some kitty prozac or meds? My dd just got married and they both have male cats. After a few days of spraying cats and frantic cleaning, they too the cats to the vet and got the sprayer proac. Instant stop to the bad behavior. Keep us posted.

Kristin Michael said...

My kitty did this too. She pulled large, perfectly matched circles of hair out of herself on each of her sides. In fact, they were so perfectly matched and appeared so suddenly I accused my son of shaving her and punished him for it. After he was adamant he didn't do it I took her to the vet. (In my defense he had done things to her before, like shave off her whiskers!)

I was told this is called "barbering" and cats do it to themselves when they are upset about something. She was about 7 years old. The vet gave her two shots of "kitty prozac" about six weeks apart and she has never done it again. (three years ago).

A plus to the situation: she was always kind of a stand off-ish kitty and after the prozac she became very cuddly and loving. We never did figure out what she was upset about. We had a new automatic water bowl for her. We changed back to the old one. Kitties get very set in their ways.

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