Needles, Eyes, OH MY

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today I had another eyeball procedure. It was again, less than pleasant. I could have gone my entire life without it as a matter of fact. But seeing as I actually like to see and would prefer to have vision from both eyes ideally this had to be done.

Typically, I avoid needles in my eye. I go to great lengths to avoid them meeting and until recently they have done a really good job avoiding meeting. But lately needles and my eye have been acting like BFFs or something absurd.

So today I had my eye implant-y thing to hopefully help reduce the swelling inside my eye. Again I was the youngest person in the office by several years maybe even a few decades, but the office staff is very kind- this time the only odd looks I got were from some of the other patients.

The ophthalmologist is a pretty interesting place. They have lots of tools, lots of dials, lots of mirrors and lots of glass. Which I find counter intuitive. Why on Earth would you have a place that most people are in because they are having problems seeing decorated with a bunch of fragile, transparent, sharp stuff? Makes no sense. The tools are confusing. I cannot even fathom what they do or how they work.

They numbed my eyeball with drops that were supposed to sting they were not comfy but not stinging. Then I had my eyeball cleaned- not so bad. Then came the drugs. I needed to be still while needles were being jabbed into my eye and well as I was darn near vibrating with fear or anxiety already sitting still was not something I could do so well- so I had some pharmaceutical help- which is where it gets sketchy. I remember leaning back and I remember sitting up when it was over that middle part is kind of unclear- I prefer it that way.

It did not hurt for a good hour or so. When the eye numbing stuff wore off my eye started to throb and since then it has been less than pleasant.

Eye patches get lots of interesting looks when out and about too. I could feel people wanting to ask or talk about it but decorum won out- but I was really uncomfortable being stared at.

So maybe my vision will improve a bit- maybe it won't stay tuned. In the mean time Arrrrrrr Matey!


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