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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and I should know! Last night as my first official Tease class... It was really good.
Last week was supposed to begin my new stint as a Tease student but due to snow it was canceled. Chicago weather has the worst timing around.

I was all set to walk to Tease if need be for my first class. As driving is in general not my favorite activity even less so in the snow at night. Tears almost flowed in my living room when I got word that Tease had called a snow day.

Back to last night.

I was again really intimidated after my intimate Teaser class with just my friend and the instructors I was unnerved to see so many women. I had to be sensual with all of them there?? Watching?? Really? Our instructor is so genuine and sweet (and has an amazing body and incredible sensual movements that I can only hope to emulate) I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

However- I am not comfortable in groups. I get really nervous and really scared. I become someone whom I am not in an effort to have the other ladies like me... I am going to strive this session to learn to be comfortable and love just being me... that is my goal. That stated- the ladies in my class seem like I could be friends with all of them.

Class began. Meditation- centering...learning to connect your physical body and your emotional being. Learning to express your emotional in a positive way. Learning to appreciate and love your body and its curves for all of the amazing things it has done.

Which brings another topic. If you have read my blog you know I have endured the fun of an eating disorder- learning to appreciate, not just accept, my body is a huge transition in thought for me. Not being negative about my body will be a huge struggle- one that I will need help with. And maybe just maybe one that I can win- or at least tie.

Finding peace in my body is so important to me now as a mother- heaven forbid my children go through the hell I did battling my physical body with emotional pain and turmoil.

So here I am 24 hours post class and I am still digesting what I learned- not movement- but emotional exploration of my physical self and emotional self. There is apparently a lot of uncharted territory.


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