The Mail

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When I was little my dad's mother would send packages ever so often. I looked forward to those packages more than holidays. I loved them- mostly because I think it reassured me that someone was thinking about me.

My mother has taken on the role of 'Queen Package Sender'. We live far away from each other and the kids do not see her as often as I would like but she manages to stay very involved in their lives. One way is she sends boxes for holidays. Yesterday the Valentines Day box arrived. It was as if the sky started raining M&Ms the were so thrilled. Grammy had taken the time to think of THEM and wrap a gift for them and mail it! They were beyond excited. With great anticipation they opened their presents. Princess a budding fashionista declared her outfit 'super stylish'. Peas was more interested in her card but my opinion is also that her outfit is cute. Stinky loved his shirts and his heart of gold showed again last night when he insisted on wearing one of his shirts to bed over his pjs because he loves Grammy so much and wanted her close to him- how can I argue with that? It would be cruel. So he wore his shirt- over his jammies.

Needless to say when they found the candy in the box they were again excited even more so because I let them have some!


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