I have been sucked in

Monday, February 22, 2010

To the Disney Marketing Machine. I have steadfastly resisted for YEARS- but caved. Princess wanted to see "High School Musical". So we made a family night out of it. Made lemonade, popped popcorn, pulled out the sofa bed, and cuddled up with blankets to enjoy the movie.

Sure it was over the top and entirely implausible but everyone enjoyed it. It was innocuous enough- compared to a lot of things out there.

I do have a comment about a lot of the vocals in the movie though- is it the new thing to sing all breathy?? Is that in now? I am I that old?

One part that I enjoyed was the female 'villain' was named Sharpe, as in the dog, there was enough 'grown up' humor to keep me entertained too.

I do not think that I will be taking the kids to Disney World anytime soon, a) it is FAR to expensive and b) the commercialization and marketing to kids somewhat offends my sensibilities. But movie night is okay- for now- I guess.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

I do have to say we just got back from Disney Land and it was FANTASTIC! unbelievable, so amazing, LOVED IT! I was so impressed w/ disney and how they accomidated every type of family-even those w/ little babies-I was not only able to take Jamie (who is not one yet) on every (yes EVERY) ride, but I even BREASTFED him on 2 different rides! The price of food and souvineers is ridiculous, of course, but the cost of going to the park and the park itself is well, well, well worth it. :)

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