Worth Her Weight In Gold

Saturday, February 6, 2010

They look sweet and innocent don't they? Why would I ever need a break from them???

I have started hiring a teenager (high school senior) to come and hang with the three older kids Saturday mornings so I can actually leave without feeling like I am packing a clown car. It is 2 hours a week I look forward to.

The kids (even Peas) love her. When I say she is coming over to play they are instantly thrilled. Sometimes I do not even leave- I just go and hide in my room for a bit and enjoy only holding one child at a time.

Babysitters are not something I typically use. The kids usually go everywhere with me or are looked after by family or close friends. With her though I actually feel comfortable with her watching them- like she can handle whatever they dish out- and they are pretty darn creative with the dishing out of stuff.

So yeah- hiring a babysitter even for 2 hours a week is FANTASTIC. I can recharge myself and get ready for the onslaught when she leaves. For some reason they always are so sweet to her but upon her leaving they are more than happy to release all of the crazy they have been saving up for me.


Farrah said...

I'm so glad you hired someone to give you a break! You SOOOOO need it!

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