Being a yak would really suck

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I pulled 100 lbs kids a mile in the snow- while it was still snowing. Yaks have a hard life. I had a fantastic work out.

It snowed a lot today- ya- in Chicago- in the winter- take a minute work on your surprised face.....there you go.

So my little kids are like Shetland Ponies. They are small but they are hardy. Out in all sorts of weather. Like the Post Office- but less likely to shoot you- most of the time.

I learned a few things today though- scooters are not designed for use in the snow- really- they are not. Tricycles, however, can be forced to move in the snow. Also building snow castles like sand castles is a huge amount of fun- also dump trucks can dump snow as well as dirt and sand and it is just as much fun.

A follow up note: when pulling a sled- having your children drag their feet and/or hands makes it exponentially harder to pull- especially when the child does not understand the concept of a 'brake'


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