You mean not just abject joy?

Friday, February 19, 2010

As a woman and a mother I am supposed to take joy from my children. But they are also really generous with the headaches and frustration too.

However- if I express anything other than the joy I am termed a bad mother. A mother who does not LOVE every second of motherhood? How dare I. Well, oh well.

Being a mother is the most singular challenging activity that I have ever engaged in.

Of course I love my children, but at 2 am when I am being woken up for the 4th time that night I am not always thrilled to see them.

Truth be told I do not ALWAYS want to share my food...but I do.
Why am I saying this?? because someone told me once that they did not think they were cut out for being a mother because they were not overflowing with joy at every moment.

If you are not overflowing with joy all the time- ok- you are human. Does ANYONE absolutely love every moment of their job? Does it at times get tiresome? Frustrating even?


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