Next time I'll shave

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is why I wore pants to the pole class. Because I did not shave and was being a bit Sasquatchesque.

Pants were fantastic for the mat work walking around but not so great for the pole stuff- they kind of slide in an uncontrollable way.

Another issue with not shaving is it is kind of distracting. There you are writhing- yes writhing- being encouraged to embrace the feeling of your body to relish in the feeling of your body- feeling the poky stubble catch on the pants is so not sensual. Kinda ruins the moment.

Once I went into the studio the first time and noticed it was candlelit I actually felt a bit better because no one would care about my fuzzy legs- and no one did. But I did.

Doing this class has encouraged me to take time for myself. To take time to look nice. So I feel better about myself. The following day I actually took a shower by myself, shaved my legs and used a blow dryer... Please do not die of shock.

Kristin laughed when I said that. She said after a while you will start to 'get' ready to go to class. You will put on make up- shower so you look cute for class. To add to the feeling and the mood of pretty femininity. I laughed then though- well yeah- next time I'll at LEAST shave.


Imperfect Mama said...

Yes, I too will have to make more of an effort to be a sexy woman and not a comfy mama. ;)

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