What happened to art??

Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess...oh my princess....you have always had a way of expressing yourself in ways I could not imagine.

The other I asked her what she liked learning about. We had been discussing money and coins (where can I take her to show her different countries currencies?), we had discussed Lincoln, penguins whatever was interesting at them time. Her answer is quintessentially princess: "I love learning about the presidents of our great nation"

I darn near spit out my drink. I was expecting her to say doing art projects or going to the library... something else...just not THAT.

These moments remind me how fantastic my kids are- despite the crazy times, despite, the times I want to hide from them, it comes back to this. It comes back to my big girl can with a simple sentence jog me from my gloomy mood and make me laugh.

Another wonderfully Princess moment was on my bad day I had to pick her up from her activity and she bounded up to me, huge grin on her face, and asked: "did your bad day get better mama??" her compassion and empathy make me so proud to be her mother. She is a pretty cool girl.


Megan said...

She sounds like a sweet heart!

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