About 6 years ago

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The weekend before Princess was born B and I went away for a few nights. We were not anticipating Princess to arrive for another few months so we were just having fun being two people stressed, in love, enjoying sometime.

The memories from that weekend stay with me as vividly as anything. I can still feel my right shoulder slightly sunburned. The smell of the breakfast that B made still lingers as do the memories of the movies we watched: "Band of Brothers".

It was the first time that anyone thought I was pregnant and not just fluffy- which thrilled me.

I got to go for a nice walk and enjoy the sun... and he followed me on his bike to make sure I was ok (my sense of direction is very very poor)

We went for pizza at what will always be my favorite place. We held hands we kissed we snuggled. We were so gloriously happy.

It was amazing. Every Spring I remember it; knowing that nothing can every come close to touching that time.


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