Eye Update

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So yet again I got to go to the ophthalmologist. Now they are starting to recognize me and no longer ask if I am sure I do not mean the optometrist (thanks for that by the way).

This doc was not my normal doc. This one was a glaucoma specialist; whom I was referred to in January but got caught up with a thousand other things in the mean time.

Good news! I can see.
Bad news- I have optic nerve damage in my left eye (my good eye).
Good news! My vision in that eye is not damaged badly.
Bad news- my right eye is still screwed.
Good news! My pressure in my good eye (left) is fantastic (12)

So where does that leave me? Glaucoma. I had always thought that Glaucoma was optic nerve damage and vision loss resultant from increased interocular pressure. I was wrong- it is optic nerve damage with or without pressure issues. So I learned something new. This stuff can be controlled. So now I get so see another eye specialist. Retina and Glaucoma docs.


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