Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few months ago one of my friends had to move away. I get it. Really. I do. But I am sad. I did not realize how sad until I stopped to look at some photos.

You see she was and is one of those people who will (lovingly) give me a slap in the back side when I need it- she will also, with love, pull my head out of my ass when it seems firmly lodged there. She demands more of me because she knows I can be a better person, a better mom, a better friend- and who wants complacency anyway?? But the awesome thing is pious judgment is not her style.

So friend, know that I think of you daily when I take Arnica for my pole dancing bruises. There is a Lap Dance class coming up I wish I could share with you. I think of you and Moose when I see "Guys on Trains" or "Curious George".

I miss your dogs. I miss Moose. I miss you and wine. I miss you.


felicia said...

Fuck, stop making me cry. I miss you too, babe. You'll always be in my heart. Love you!

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