Fruit Pizza

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I meant to share this a while ago- like last year but I forgot. Then I made it a few more times and each time it was met with more excitement than the previous time so I suppose sharing it would be ok.

My kids eat fruit like it is going away forever. Princess eats blueberries by the pound and Stinky eats strawberries by the crate- but I am always looking for new fun ways to serve them.

The basic recipe is to use a cookie dough crust, but that seemed to dessert-y for me, so I used crescent roll dough instead. The 'sauce' is originally supposed to be more cream cheese frosting type- I altered it to be more creme fraiche or plain greek yogurt. Then topped in whatever fruit I have every time I make it- it is inhaled.

How do you serve fruit and veggies??


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