Once More With Feeling.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Peas feels things intensely. She feels EVERYTHING intensely. Happy she is elated. Sad she is in the 'depths of despair'. Anger or frustration? Enraged.
I suppose that some of that has to do with the fact that she is two and her emotional barometer is no that developed- but some has to do with her personality. This part of her I understand oh so so well.

Still, I struggle with how to help her to learn to manage her feelings a little. She is so sweet and so loving and so snuggle-able- but oh so frustrating at times.

Peas is a master at the face crumple. When her face goes from normal and relaxed to so sad and so pathetic instantaneously. She also can throw herself on the floor in sorrow. Conversely, she will throw her hands up in the air can yell, "Yay" with exuberance. She has an adorable squeal and giggle that show her zealous appreciation of the smallest of things- a crayon drawing, a cookie- anything- thrilling.

Feelings are not a shortfall of hers. I am amazed that she is so 'congruent' with her feelings and expressions- as I have struggled with emotional expression. I would never want to have her struggle with that- and G-d willing she never will.


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