Its getting hot in here

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another new experience for me. Hot Yoga.

Some parts of me are bendy some parts of me are really not so bendy- this was very obvious.

I have been spoiled by Tease in my exercise. I have such a fun time there I forget am exercising. It is a safe place. It is comfortable and feminine and words that I cannot seem to come up with to describe it when I go in there. I love working out with just other women- I feel much less self conscious.

One of the things I enjoy most and get the most benefit out of at Tease is the encouragement to be mindful of the connection between mind, spirit, and body. Living in the moment, experiencing things as they are, and paying attention to what is happening in my body at the moment. For someone who, like me, is hyper-kinetic, this is a challenge.

So it was a different environment. There were-gasp- two men there. However- the lights were dimmed the aroma therapy was flowing and soon I was lost in the poses. Feeling my joints open and stretch- listening to Susan guide us through the series- reminding us, encouraging us to focus inward- focus on your breath- focus on what is going on in your body and exploring that. Going somewhere calm and peaceful in your mind. Using your internal energy to stretch and release your body.

The heat helped me stretch- it softened my muscles and tendons and allowed more flexibility.

This class again gave me new appreciation for my body. For how strong it is. For what it does and what it can do. I get caught taking it for granted- all too often.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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