Breakfast food

Monday, May 3, 2010

Really am not a fan of it. I do not care for pancakes, eggs, etc. Just not my choice. What did I have for breakfast today?? A turkey and cheese sandwich. Delish. Eggs? eww. The only way I like eggs is with TONS of hot sauce and ketchup.

Ok- I need to rephrase. I love breakfast potatoes. Hash browns, etc. Yum.

What foods to you have an inexplicable distaste for?


JudyGS said...

My brother once offered Emily the choice of brownies and something else vaguely breakfasty for breakfast. Emily declined and made a real breakfast for the whole family. When he was growing up, he would have canned spaghetti for breakfast all the time.

I love leftover pizza for breakfast. But I also love eggs and pancakes.

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