Parenting Co-op

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things are so much easier when people co-operate. Thankfully, I live in a fantastic neighborhood with a neighbor who's husband is not home much so we kind of co-op the parenting thing.

The kids pretty much have free rein in our yards. Toys are shared. Responsibilities shared. Clean up is shared- she and I even share some yard work - Ok- well she helped me weed.

The other day when Peas was having a hard time- she made the kids lunch. Last night, I fed dinner. It works. The kids have fun playing and absorb their exuberance and the positive peer pressure to eat is great.

What my point is- is that parenting is hard- it is exhausting- it is never ending- having people to help shoulder it and laugh with make it fun for everyone.

This neighborhood is fantastic- and the neighbors make it even better.

In the summer there will be a herd of kids in our neighborhood- slightly sun toasted- giggling- squealing and having a wonderful time.


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