When wishes were simple

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yesterday I had my litter of kids out for a walk/bike ride/ scooter ride. It was an amazingly beautiful day. Blue sky, gentle breeze, just perfect. Stinky was riding his Cars bike a bit ahead of me and suddenly SLAMMED on his breaks. I wondered what had happened. He hopped of his bike and ran into the field next to us and picked two dandelions that had reached the fuzzy seed stage- wishing dandelions. He gave one to me and told me to make a wish. I took it made my wish and blew. Apparently I did it wrong, because he told me, "Mama, this is how you do it. Watch me. This is how you make a wish." He clutched the stem of his wishing dandelion closed his eyes as tightly as he could and said with passion, "I wish, when I grow up, to be a train driver" then he heaved a huge breath for his little body and blew. Then he watched in wonder as the little fuzzy seeds were carried away on the wind.

"That is how you do it, Mama. Try again?" I said sure I'd try again. He picked me another wishing dandelion and I held the stem and made my wish in my head. Then blew. He asked my why I did not say my wish out loud. I told him that I always believed that wishes worked best if they were secrets. Then he threw his little arms around me told me he loved me and that he wanted to make my wish happen.

If only it were that simple, Stinky. My wish was more for non-tangible stuff. But I wish all of my wishes were as easy as that. I wish that I could still whole-heartedly believe that wishing on a penny, a dandelion, birthday candles, a star, or an eyelash would bring my wishes to fruition. That doesn't stop me from making them.

To this day, I am guilty of wishing on stars, throwing change into fountains, wishing on candles, and half a dozen other things. Wishes are fun. And sometimes they even come true.


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