Parks and Poles

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Since starting pole dancing I have a whole new reason to like taking the kids to the park.... I get to play on poles. Now, of course, my living room has a pole but until recently, I had to wait until Tuesday or go to a park that has a pole.

I was exceedingly sad to see that the park around the corner from my house does not have an acceptable pole. However, the playground at the neighborhood elementary school does, though somehow I would not anticipate the PTA being entirely supportive of using a pole that supports monkey bars to practice inverting. Nor would they, I am sure, be thrilled with my very nearly six year old tutoring her friends on proper form for certain moves.

So when I take my kids to the park, I look for poles. I also tend to visit the parks that I know have poles to play on. Who says kids are the only ones who can play at playgrounds?

What do some parents look for in their perfect park? Bathrooms (not port-a-potty...ewwww), shade, tables, away from the road, good cushioning.... and poles.


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