A little awkward.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am not a good socializer. I get nervous terribly so- around unfamiliar people and do not generally leave a good impression. Really, I am nice, and reasonably within the bounds of 'normal' I just have trouble with people.

This was obvious last night. I have NO freaking idea what to talk about. What to say! I did not know the ladies very well and I am afraid I made an ass of myself because I am just not good at it.

Even around people I know really well- I am just awkward.. *sigh*

One time that this was very very obvious and actually quite a painful experience was at a get together for a message board a few years ago. It was so awful- even a few years later I still think about how bad it was. The women judged me after hardly knowing me- based on my admittedly poor social skills.


Megan said...

ELizabeth, I am so sorry. I know that must be hard. My husband is the same way. He has a REALLY hard time even wanting anything to do with people he doesn't know well.
I have the opposite problem, well, it is the opposite, with the same effect on others sometimes, I am afraid.
I never really have a hard time with new people, unless I am nervous for some reason. If I am nervous (this often happens when I am around my SIL, she has been awful to me in the past, so now I ma just plain afraid to be around her, never know what to expect). Anyway - I tend to get just a hair too loud, and then discuss something that just isn't relevant or the business of the people I am with. It's horrifying, and everytime it happens I relive it for weeks. It totally bites!
Hope it gets easier as you age - age seems to loosen the tongue a bit! Blessings, Megan

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